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Spa & Wellness

Welcome in the best of hands

Spa and wellness near Lake Constance

Look forward to luxuriating in the spa area of Parkhotel St. Leonhard, because with us you’ll be in the best of hands. Located high above Lake Constance with wonderful panoramic views of the lake and our park, you’ll be able to recuperate, calm down and recharge your batteries.

Enjoy our wellbeing treatments and Ayurvedic massages or simply pamper yourself in a beneficial bath in our Crystal Tub. Available are facial skin treatments adapted specifically to your skin type with the products of the Maria Galland range, such as the Soin Dermatologique for delicate, sensitive skin. To stimulate and smooth your skin, we recommend use of the special warming Masque Modelant. If your skin is too dry, try the Extreme Hyaluronic Infusion by Klapp Cosmetics. And for those who prefer their cosmetic treatments to be more natural, we can offer the regenerating Kiwicha treatment by Klapp.

Take advantage of our spa deals and enjoy a moment of pure enjoyment with us.

We will be happy to advise you and put together an individual wellbeing programme tailored to your specific needs.

Spa opening hours

Summer (March – September):
Monday to Saturday:
9.30 am to 5.30 pm
Sunday: closed

Winter (October – February):
Monday to Saturday:
9.00 am to 5.30 pm
Thursday: until 8.30 pm
Sunday: if required

On public holidays the spa is open if required.

Reserve your appointment in advance by calling +49 7551 808-300 or sending an email to spa@remove-this.parkhotel-sankt-leonhard.de.

We look forward to seeing you!
Your spa team

SPA etiquette

Please make sure that you check in at least 5 minutes before your appointment starts. We try to make sure that we begin all treatment sessions punctually.

Please wear underclothing or a bathing suit under your bathrobe and slippers.

Special medical needs
Please inform us in advance if you have special medical needs, beacause certain treatments are incompatible with some medical conditions.


Special rules apply during this great time; we will provide you with individual advice on which treatments are suitable.

You can pay for treatments and products in cash or using your credit card or have costs simply charged to your hotel bill.

If you are unable to attend a booked appointment, please inform us 24 hours in advance and there will be no charge. After cancellation at short notice, we must unfortunately charge you 80% of the treatment session cost.

Cosmetic treatments


Cosmetic products
Prices (in Euros)

Soin Dermatologique
This soothing and balancing Treatment is based on one complex connection outstanding Agents and is ideal at excessive impurities or pigment spots, to redness like by couperose or Dryness as by atopic dermatitis. The effective and gentle products are very well tolerated and allergy tested. Including gentle cleansing, enzyme peeling, Active agent ampoule, balancing Gel mask, tender pressure point massage, gentle lip and eye care, and final care.

Approx. 60 Min. / 79,00

Lifting Absolue Jeunesse
Highly effective lifting treatment with focus on the most affected zones: forehead, eye area, facial contours, neck, décolleté and upper arms. Ideal for women over 40 years for defined facial contours, fuller and firmer skin and reduced wrinkles. Including Cleaning, Peeling, 2-phase lifting mask, Firming massage, Serum, eye and lip lift and final care.

Approx. 75 Min. / 89,00

Detox Face Cleansing
for deeply cleansed and cleared skin. Cleaning, Toning, Cleansing Mask, Intensive Scrub, Manual Cleaning as needed and final care.

In combination with a second facial treatment 25,00 EUR

Approx. 35 Min. / 49,00

Lifting Masque Mosaique Modelant
Effective lifting achieved by application of highly concentrated active substances appropriate to your individual needs. This mineral mask has a very special self-heating effect. A tried-and-tested treatment standard by Maria Galland. Session includes cleansing, peeling, application of a tonic and ampoule, the Modelant mask, hand massage and final treatment.

Short approx. 70 Min. / 85,00 | Long approx. 85 Min. / 109,00

Luxus Mille Lumière
This exclusive range of anti-ageing products gives your skin more lift and firmness, while regenerating, revitalising and moisturising it. The highly effective anti-wrinkle active substances include the patented TOP-C complex obtained from white truffles, 24 carat gold, anti-ageing peptides and an award-winning cell activator. A very special facial treatment with an intensive luxurious effect for the skin through application of this top-quality masks.

Approx. 90 Min. / 109,00

Lumin' Eclat
You are living an intense life and are full of Energy? This facial treatment with immediate effect, leaves theskin from 30 years radiate, reduces first wrinkles and donates new energyto tired skin. Includes Cleaning, Exfoliation, gold essence for more energy, stimulating massage, Cream Mask,  Eye Boosters and final treatment.

Approx. 70 Min. / 98,00

Facial treatment "freshness"
This compact package includes cleansing, peeling, a mask and final treatment. Although brief, it will give your skin a renewed radiance.

Approx. 45 Min. / 69,00

Algae Eye Mask
A cooling, firming algae modelling mask for the more delicate areas of the eye. Gentle massage and the application of an ampoule of smoothing substances will enable your eyes to glow. This refreshing eye treatment minimises dryness and wrinkles around the eyes.

In combination with a facial treatment 18,00 EUR

Approx. 25 Min. / 35,00

Facial Massage
Relaxing facial and decollete massage using a skin care cream.

Approx. 20 Min. / 28,00

Simply contact us if you have any special wishes for facial treatments appropriate to your skin type.

Hands and feet

Prices (in Euros)

Manicure (without nail polish)
Includes cutting and filing of your nails, cleaning of the nail bed, hand and nail care


Manicure (with nail polish)
Includes cutting and filing of your nails, cleaning of the nail bed, hand and nail care and of course nail polish. Please remember to plan for the time required to allow polish to dry.


Nail polish removal


Cocoon Hand Pack
An intensive care treatment for dry, stressed hands. Includes hand peeling, application of a regenerating ampoule and a hand-cosseting foam.

Approx. 20 Min. / 25,00

Hand Massage

Approx. 20 Min. / 25,00

Prices (in Euros)

Cosmetic Pedicure (without nail polish)
Includes cutting and filing of your nails, cleaning of the nail bed, removeing of the callus, foot and nail care.


Cosmetic Pedicure (with nail polish)
Includes cutting and filing of your nails, cleaning of the nail bed, removeing of the callus, foot and nail care and of course nail polish. Please bring flip-flops with you and remember to plan for the time required to allow varnish to dry.


Nail polish removal


Foot Massage

Approx. 20 Min. / 25,00

Wellness Pedicure
The wellness pedicure starts with a fragrant foot bath for Refreshment of the feet. After a Foot Scrub, you get a cosmetic Pedicure. All in all, it's a little time-out for your feet.


Heavy Legs Treatment
The ideal treatment for tired and stressed legs. It cools and reduces swellings and allays the appearance of spider veins. Includes a relaxing foot bath, cooling pack and stimulating leg massage.

Approx. 45 Min. / 49,00

Depilation, eyes & make-up

Hot Wax Depilation
Prices (in Euros)

Upper Lip

from 9,00


from 20,00

Part Body Depilation: chest, back or legs

from 39,00

Prices (in Euros)

Tinting of Lashes


Tinting of Eyebrows


Tinting of Lashes and Eyebrows


Tweezer Eyebrow Correction


Eyebrow Plucking


Make-Up Treatments
Prices (in Euros)

Natural Daytime Makeup


Elegant Evening Makeup


Wellness massages

Prices (in Euros)

Neural Pathway Massage
A beneficial gentle head massage that stimulates the energy centres in the face and alleviates stress and tension. It promotes detoxification and leaves you feeling very serene and relaxed.

Approx. 20 Min. / 35,00

Foot Reflex Massage
After a soothing footbath, your whole body will be stimulated by a robust massage of your foot pressure points, but don't worry, it doesnt't hurt. Includes short rest period.

Approx. 45 Min. / 55,00

Detox Massage
This invigorating and cooling detox massage activates natural lymphatic drainage of the body by means of stimulation of the median pressure points. The enhanced lymphatic drainage removes toxins and waste products from the body. Includes a basic food bath, rest period and a concluding cup of detox tea.

Approx. 50 Min. / 75,00
Prices (in Euros)

Hot Chocolate
A delicate massage for the skin and the senses. Shea butter, pure almond oil and cocoa are used to stimulate the skin. The hands of the masseur create a visual artwork – your skin’s ‘chocolate side’. Includes footbath and rest period.

Approx. 70 Min. / 85,00

Part Body Massage
Pleasant hand or foot massage using nurturing massage oil. You can choose your oil on-site.

Approx. 20 Min. / 28,00

Back Massage
A gentle wellness massage to feel good and to relax. You can choose your oil on-site.

Approx. 20 Min. / 35,00

Aromatherapy Massage
A gentle whole body massage using essential oils that provide for balance and relaxation of the skin. You can choose your oil on-site.Includes a short rest period.

Approx. 50 Min. / 69,00

Child's Massage
Gentle whole body massage using fragrant oils; suitable for children aged 6 to 12 years.

Approx. 20 Min. / 32,00


Ayurveda is a system of traditional medicine originally developed in India and Sri Lanka thousands of years ago. ‘Ayurveda’ comes from two Sanskrit words: ‘ayur’ meaning ‘life’ and ‘veda’ meaning ‘knowledge’. This philosophy of medicine focuses on staying healthy and helping the body help itself.

Characteristic of Ayurvedic massages are the consistent, repeated massage movements. These can be gentle, firm, intensive or even rapid, depending on the status of the patient’s dosha (= bioenergies). Energising and relaxing at the same time and always involving the use of plenty of warm organic herbal oils.

Ayurvedic Treatments
Prices (in Euros)

This balancing and pleasant oil massage stimulates the self-healing abilities of the body. Pamper your whole body with high-quality, warm Ayurvedic organic herbal oils and soft massage strokes that promote detoxification. Body, spirit and soul can regenerate, relax and regain energy. Let yourself go with the flow and discover the fascinating world of Ayurveda. Includes footbath and rest period.

Approx. 70 Min. / 90,00

This relaxing oil massage of the head, neck and shoulders will enable your body and mind to calm down, will stimulate your scalp and encourage hair growth. Includes footbath and rest period.

Approx. 45 Min. / 55,00

Bath, Peeling and Poultices

Bath Treatments

Aromatherapy baths in our Crystal Tub include soothing sound and light effects and a panoramic view over Lake Constance. You’ll be served a glass of Lake Constance prosecco while in your bath.

Aromatherapy baths in the Crystal Tub
Prices (in Euros)

Melissa Oil Bath
Calms and relaxes the head.

Approx. 20 Min. / 30,00

Zirbe Oil Bath
Provides for all-round harmonisation of body and soul.

Approx. 20 Min. / 30,00

Rosemary Oil Bath
Revitalises, promotes the metabolism and stimulates blood perfusion.

Approx. 20 Min. / 30,00

Sea Salt Bath
The basic sea salt purifies and detoxifies the body.

Approx. 20 Min. / 40,00

Bath time for two
Enjoy a little break for two in the two Crystal tubs. An oil bath additive of your choice per tub.

Approx. 25 Min. / 55,00

Peeling and Poultice Treatments

Prices (in Euros)

Sea Salt Peeling
This basic body peeling results in a noticeable smoother skin surface and removes any horny skin. Includes shower.

Approx. 30 Min. / 35,00

Sea Salt Treatment
Body peeling using fine-grained sea salt that is dispersed without showering in a subsequent bath that promotes detoxification. You also get a glass with Bodensee-Secco or fruit juice.

Approx. 40 Min. / 59,00

Body Treatments on the ‘Softpack’ lounger
Prices (in Euros)

Softpack massage
Heated waterbed on which the rear of the body is successively massaged by water jets. This relieves the spinal column and relaxes the muscles.

Approx. 20 Min. / 28,00

Pack of evening primrose oil or sea buckthorn or pomegranate
The evening primrose oil pack brings sensitive skin into balance, nourishes, calms and has a subtle fragrance. The sea buckthorn pack with a wonderful fruity scent, invigorates and gives a freshness Feeling. The basic pomegranate wrap keeps the elasticity the skin, smells wonderfully fruity and is contour-setting. No showers necessary. Including soft pack massage.

Approx. 40 Min. / 49,00

Salt Sludge Poultice
The ideal treatment for joint and muscle symptoms. The effective active substances in this whole body poultice alleviate pain and provide for regeneration. Includes shower and softpack massage.

Approx. 40 Min. / 49,00

Algae Poultice
Detox whole body poultice made of active Laminaria algae that stimulates the metabolism, remineralises and moisturises the skin thanks to the high content of trace elements and minerals. Includes shower and softpack massage.

Approx. 40 Min. / 49,00

Spa Deals

You can book your spa treatment even before your arrival; 07551/808-300 or spa@remove-this.parkhotel-sankt-leonhard.de

  • We will serve you a glass of Lake Constance prosecco during any bath treatment
  • If you are unable to attend an appointment, it can be cancelled free of charge up to 24 hours before the start of application. In the event of a short-term cancellation on your part, 80% of the application cancellation fees will be charged.

Spa Deals

Deals pricelist
Prices (in Euros)

A Vision Of Lake Constance
One algae eye mask
One facial massage

Approx. 40 Min. / 49,00

Back flattering
One back massage
One softpack back massage 

Approx. 45 Min. / 59,00

Relaxing Moments
One Oil bath in the Crystal Tub with panoramic views of Lake Constance
One back massage

Approx. 45 Min. / 59,00

Brief visit
One back massage
One facial treatment "freshness"

Approx. 75 Min. / 95,00

One foam bath with pine or rosemary or lemon balm
One Evening primrose oil or pomegranate or sea buckthorn wrap on the softpack lounger

Approx. 65 Min. / 89,00

Mum’s The Word – for the expectant mother
One heavy leg treatment
One facial treatment "freshness"

Approx. 75 Min. / 95,00

Just for Men
One back massage
One water jet massage on the softpack lounger
One facial treatment "freshness"

Approx. 90 Min. / 115,00

Relaxation Time
One Oil bath in the Crystal Tub with panoramic views of Lake Constance
One Aromatherapy massage

Approx. 80 Min. / 95,00

Day Spa At Lake Constance

Enjoy a relaxing spa and wellbeing day in our hotel and allow yourself to be pampered from head to foot.

All-day Spa Experience


One back massage

One water jet massage on the softpack lounger

One Maria Galland facial treatment "freshness"

One manicure (without polish)

One pedicure (without polish)

Approx. 175 Min. /
All-inclusive price 205,00

Includes loan of bathrobe, slippers and towels, supply of mineral water, tea or coffee, use of our swimming pool and panoramic sauna (with Finnish sauna, sanarium, herbal steam bath and crushed ice fountain) to 10.00 pm; wellbeing salad served in our restaurant or on our panorama terrace

Half-day Spa Experience


One treatment oil bath in the Crystal Tub with panoramic views of Lake Constance

One water jet massage on the softpack lounger

One Maria Galland Lifting Masque Mosaique Modelante

Approx. 110 Min. /
All-inclusive price 157,00

Includes loan of bathrobe, slippers and towels, supply of mineral water, tea or coffee, use of our swimming pool and panoramic sauna (with Finnish sauna, sanarium, herbal steam bath and crushed ice fountain) to 10.00 pm; wellbeing salad served in our restaurant or on our panorama terrace

Swimming Pool

From our swimming pool with water heated to a pleasant 27°C there is direct access to the outdoor sunbathing area.

Panorama Sauna

Our panorama sauna is an oasis of relaxation. Pure wellbeing is promoted in its restful atmosphere where you can forget the stresses and annoyances of the everyday.
We have three different forms of sauna:

  • Finnish sauna (90°C)
  • Light-effect sauna (60°C)
  • Herbal steam bath

Panorama Infusion Sauna
90°C with automatic replenishing of aromatic infusion

Light-effect Sanarium
60°C with 60% relative humidity and flower fragrance

Roman Steam Bath
45°C with 100% relative humidity and herbal fragrance

Tank fresh air in your lungs on our extensive outdoor terrace with its views over Lake Constance stretching as far as Mount Säntis.

There is a generously equipped cool-down zone with several warm and cold showers and a crushed ice fountain that make chilling-out pure enjoyment.

A period of relaxation on the comfortable loungers with a view of Lake Constance will round off your visit to our panorama sauna landscape and encourage you to come back for more. Wellbeing in its purest form!

Gift Vouchers

Our gift vouchers are the ideal present.

Order a gift voucher now – for a spa treatment perhaps – a fantastic surprise for the ones you love!

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